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Smart Growth

MassWork Infrastructure Grants
I will work to jumpstart economic growth in Dedham, Westwood and Walpole by working with all three communities to find economic development opportunities that make sense to each community, while being mindful of the regional impact. I aim to bring state Executive Office of Transportation MassWork grant monies to the communities in an effort to advance projects in the 11th Norfolk District that promote economic development and environmental sustainability.

Westwood Station Development
This project bring great promise to the residents of Dedham and Westwood. It will be a dismal failure if they fail at the beginning to adequately address their respective impacts on our local road system, our water resources, our police and fire protection, our schools and the quality of life of people who abut these projects. I will work tirelessly as your state representative to ensure that no state permit is issued without properly addressing the impacts on and the needs of Dedham and Westwood.

An Updated Master Plan for Dedham
The wave of projects that have landed in Dedham in recent years is proof positive that Dedham needs to update its Master Plan. To effectively do so the Town of Dedham will need to dedicate the proper resources that the town does not necessarily have at the present time. I will work closely with state planning agencies and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) to bring added expertise and additional resources to the effort.

Open Space
The only way to promote a change in land development is to work as a team in an effort to successfully bring together a wide array of opinions and diverse interest groups. I will work to bring planners, environmentalists, state and municipal officials, lawyers, developers and real estate agents together to promote open space in the 11th Norfolk District.