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Letter: Thanks to Rep. McMurtry

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Three cheers for our newly elected state Rep. Paul McMurtry.


I am speaking on behalf of all the folks in our Social Club at O’Neil Drive, who are so grateful to Paul for not only attending our catered June Father’s Day Cookout, which was catered by Chuck Della Iacono, but he brought along his family and his friendly staff members to visit and serve all of us seniors. We really felt quite honored.

And if that wasn’t enough, Paul picked up the tab for the whole affair, which we usually pay for out of our own pockets. It really didn’t take Paul long to fill Bob Coughlin’s shoes, did it?


Although we will always miss Bob Coughlin and wish him well, we thank God that his replacement is such a terrific blessing not only to the seniors who are usually forgotten around this town, but to the entire 11th District.


Paul has also spoken to me regarding getting a bus for the seniors and touring the State House to see him in action. Keep up the good work, Paul. You are always welcome at our gatherings as an honored guest and friend. We love you and wish you the best in all your endeavors. You know we are with you all the way.

Senior Citizens Social Club