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Doing Business in Westwood: Quick Information


The Town has created a Development Guide, which outlines the permits a project may require. That is available at Town Hall, 580 High Street, Westwood, MA 02090 or by calling 781-326-6450. It is also advisable to obtain a copy of the Zoning Bylaw and the General Bylaw and Charter for the Town. The following information is a highlight of some of the information and departments a project may need in the permitting process. This list will only provides an outline of the departments; each department should be contacted for specific information.



  • Review of commercial development, exterior alterations, additions and changes (excluding signs) and the expansion, by three or more parking spaces triggers the site plan review process by the Planning Board. Major commercial developments are required to undergo Section 16 B special permit process.

  • Much of the University Avenue area is within the Water Resource Overlay Protection District. Any development within this area must comply with bylaws the special permit requirements for this district. Please contact the Zoning Board of Appealsfor more information.

  • The Board of Health issues permits for any food service or cafeteria use, septic or other wastewater disposal systems. Westwood also has a hazardous materials bylaw, which is enforced by the BOH.

  • The Building department should be contacted for any construction, including electrical, plumbing etc. Westwood does have a Zoning Bylaw regulating size, location, design, and number of signs allowed. The building Commissioner enforces this Bylaw. Any change in ownership requires an occupancy permit from the Building Commissioner.

  • The Fire Department also requires an inspection of sprinklers and the fire alarm upon change of occupants.
  • The Conservation Commission regulates all work within 100 feet of a wetland as defined by the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and the Westwood local bylaw, Article 18. Many types of development are prohibited in those areas, and those that are allowed will require an order of conditions permit from the Conservation Commission.

  • Any work within a public way owned and maintained by the Town requires a permit from the Department of Public Works.

  • The Dedham Westwood Water District provides water to the town. New development projects will need a water connection permit. Telephone: 781-329-7090